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In 1963, social critic and writer James Baldwin urged American students to "understand that the world was molded by people who came before, and that it can be remolded into something new.”  Students and faculty in Adrian College's Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies and History Department are heeding Baldwin's challenge by examining the historical origins of today's most pressing political topics and cultural trends. This blog will also be a unique space to access the very best of Adrian College’s student research. In doing so, we hope to highlight voices, causes, and events that have been historically underrepresented with the hope of advancing contemporary political discourse in a more intellectually responsible direction. We welcome submissions from all students and faculty who wish to contribute. 

To submit a blog idea or post for consideration, please email Dr. David Goldberg, Assistant Professor of History and Director of the Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies, at dgoldberg@adrian.edu.


The Historical Faultlines of Queer Activism

By Gina Buono As a queer person myself, learning the history of LGBTQ culture and activism is in part a personal mission. However, as...

Voices in the Air

The following are a selection of poems written by Adrian College student, Donald Moses, in response to the police killing of George...

NATO's Russian Crisis

By: Kevin Clipper (Adrian College, '21) On December 2, 2019, the heads of state of NATO’s members met in London to discuss the future of...


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